Top 9 Best Beer Shampoos in India For Men and Women (2022)

best beer shampoos in india

Beer Shampoos have this amazing ability to cleanse the scalp properly and to add instant volume to thin and fine hair. This is why beer shampoos for men and women are getting popular and get sold off pretty fast off the shelf. That’s why, different brands are also coming up with different varieties of beer shampoos.

We’ve put together this list of the best beer shampoos available in the Indian market which you can try. Anyways you may have heard that putting beer in your hair is good, because of the natural ingredients that give volume to thin hair and also lifts the roots for a blow dry kind of effect.

When it comes to through scalp cleansing, then too beer shampoos are good to remove the sebum, oils and pollutants in extremely effectively. Even if you have brittle and dry hair or even damaged and oily hair, beer shampoo would give you satisfactory results.

To deal with frizzy and course hair, beer enriched shampoo are one of the most effective products which tame down the frizz.

Beer Shampoo Benefits

Helps to promote hair growth

Bounce and volume to the year

Improves the hair texture

Minimizes the damage

Clears the product built up

Removes the dandruff and relieves itchiness

Acts as a natural hair conditioner

Adds volume to the lifeless hair

Adds shine and lustre to the hair

List of the Best Beer shampoos in India

So, whatever hair problems, you are experiencing the beer shampoo has an answer to all of that. To know about the best beer shampoo you must take a look at this list here.

1. Park Avenue Anti-Dandruff Beer Shampoo

Park Avenue Anti-Dandruff Beer Shampoo

Park Avenue Beer Shampoo is a 5 in 1 conditioning product that gives up to five times more condition to hair. It contains natural proteins and bioactives of Barley and Hops. Therefore, this hair cleanser gives a life to the otherwise flat and lifeless hair. It reduces the dandruff by up to 90%. The yeast in beer also helps to give relief in dandruff and reduces the flakes. The product gives good results in strengthening the hair and giving a natural look from the roots to tips. It leaves the hair feeling lustrous all day long. For men and women with oily hair, this is one of the best shampoos to increase the hair thickness and to make hair look more denser.

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2. BODYCARE Barley Premium Beer Shampoo

BODYCARE Barley Premium Beer Shampoo

This beer shampoo is rich with Barley extracts. It gives shine to the lack luster and dry hair, hence, is suitable for all hair types and comes in a decent packaging. It is specially developed with the unique extra clear formula. The shampoo product with beer actively cleanses and conditions the hair for long lasting smooth feel. Additionally, the shampoo also removes the product build-up. The volumising shampoo is specially developed for men with thin and limp hair.

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3. Denver Anti Dandruff Beer Shampoo

Denver Anti Dandruff Beer Shampoo

Denver Beer Shampoo is formulated to not just give extra thickness and volume to your hair but also to remove the dandruff flakes from the scalp. It gives the hair the right kind of conditioning and nourishment. The shampoo also conditions the dull and dry hair. It’s an excellent product for oily hair fall, made from the real beer. So, the shampoo is like an intensive hair treatment with not lots of chemical and a smell which is genuine and not overpowered with masking fragrances. It is not have a lot of chemicals and smell that of the beer. The shampoo is one of the best products for very oily hair which cleanses without altering the ideal pH balance.

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4. Luster Beer Shampoo

Luster Beer Shampoo

This pure beer shampoo is one of the best shampoos with sulphate and paraben free formula made with beer. By preventing the hair fall and dandruff, it also makes the hair soft and shinier.  The shampoo is rich with the real beer extracts that are bound to make your extra smooth and glossy. Providing the total nourishment to the hair from roots to tips, this is a shampoo that makes the hair thicker with just few first washes. The shampoo gives the best results possible and has a mild smell.

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5. Watsons Volumizing Beer Shampoo

Watsons Volumizing Beer Shampoo

Watsons volumizing beer shampoo is specially designed to make the hair voluminous and thicker. Beer extracts present in the shampoo are made from the real beer extract that are known to give life to flat and lifeless looking dull hair. Men and women both can use the shampoo to make their hair bouncy. People who have thin hair problem, can try the beer shampoos to make the hair thick and vibrant. It’s not very expensive but it is not very easily available in India.

6. Manufakurta Regenerative Beer Shampoo

Manufakurta Regenerative Beer Shampoo

With the goodness of real beer Manufakurta Regenerative Beer makes hair stay smooth, shinier and silky. Applying the shampoo in small amount works well and lathers enough to get completely cleansed scalp and hair. This Beer Shampoo is suitable for everyday use and in making the hair stronger and naturally vibrant. Both men and women can use this shampoo and the best thing is that the shampoo is known for its excellent properties to uplift the roots for a volume.

7. Carlsberg Beer Shampoo

Carlsberg Beer Shampoo

Carlsberg Beer Shampoo is the recently launched product. The shampoo is made with the beer, yeast, barley and hops. The shampoo is by one of the most beneficial beer shampoo for men and women. This is made from the organic ingredients and does not contain any harmful products. This is also true that the availability of the shampoo is not easy but the product is really wonderful, if you can get to try it.

8. Orzene Beer Shampoo

Orzene Beer Shampoo

Orzene Beer Shampoo is made to cure frizzy and damaged hair. If thin and greasy lifeless hair is your major problem with frizz, then this beerd shampoo can do a lot for you. Applying the shampoo 2 to 3 times in a week helps you get gorgeously beautiful hair. Most importantly, the shampoo is mild enough to be used even on every day basis.

9. Qraa Men Wine Shampoo

Qraa Men Wine Shampoo

Qraa Men wine shampoo is one of its kind and it is needed for the oily and lackluster hair. It contains the Japanese grapeseed oil and wine. These are known to remove the dirt and grime from the hair effectively along with sebum. The shampoo is wonderful in making the hair beautiful and gorgeous thick.

These are the best brands of beer shampoos in India. Now flaunting your beautiful hair in every picture is not that difficult. Men can experience very limp and greasy hair at times and that can be during summer season, because of the extreme sebum release. Hence, for applying shampoo made with beer extract can save your day. So just take a beer shampoo and include it in your hair care routine.

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