Top 10 Different Types of Facials and Their Benefits

different types of facials

Facial is a process that revives and rejuvenates your skin. Facial increases the blood circulation and in that process improvises your skin’s health by eliminating the dullness causing factors.

According to the experts, timely facials will ensure that your skin stays glowing and wrinkle free a lot longer. While there are facial specific for particular skin type, there are facials suitable for all skin types. There are different types of facials available out of that some of them can be done at the home while other types of facials would require the professional assistance. So, in this article, I am going to tell you about the different types of facials that you can go for.

Different Facial Types for Different Skin Types and Age

1. Fruit Facial

fruit facial

On the best facials, that helps to keep the skin young and blemish free. A fruit facial is suitable for all skin types that provide the richness of antioxidants. These are loaded with retinol, natural antioxidants therefore, they are best for men and women and for all the skin types and issues. For example, if you have lines wrinkles, dark spots, dullness, open pores and even dark circles, a fruit facial is a solution for all of that.

You can go for fruit facials at a salon, which will be done by professionals or simply by a fruit facial kit from the market and do it yourself at home. Home facials steps are always more economical than the facials done at a salon. However, I would also agree that when you do facials for yourself at home, the steps of massaging may not give you as much as benefits as done by the professionals. So, this is entirely your choice.

Best for: Fruit facial is best for all skin types and wonderful for oily and acne prone skin

Used for: Dark spots, dullness and skin lightening

How often do: Fruit facials can be done once or twice in a month

Age group: People over 18 years can go for fruit facials.

2. Gold Facial

gold facial

A gold facial involves the steps that contain ingredient like gold ash. Primarily, Gold Facial is meant for people who like to get the glow on their skin. Even brides and newlywed women would go for gold and diamond facial. These are also known as Jewel facial because of their effectiveness in brightening the skin tone. For detoxification of the skin and lightning the skin colour, a gold facial is recommended by the beauty experts.

Just Like the other facials, you can either buy a gold facial kit and perform the facial at home or go to a parlour and get the professionals do it for you. These are expensive as compared with fruit facials.

Gold facial also slows down the aging process and works brilliantly for the wrinkles and aged skin.

Best for: All skin types specially mature and aging skin

Used For: Dullness, anti-aging, glow and to rejuvenate the skin

How often to do: Gold facial can be done once in a month

Age group: You can get a gold facial done, when you are over 20 years of age

3. Aromatherapy Facial

aromatherapy facial

Aromatherapy facials are suitable for all skin types. It’s a luxurious method to pamper your tired skin. That utilizes the benefits of aromatherapy oils that relax your skin but your mind and body as well. It ensures the proper absorption of the nutrients in the skin to make it glowing and moisturized. This facial is not easily available in all the salons, however, some reputed salon have such facial services available with them. It is beneficial to prevent the aging science like to cure wrinkles, fine lines and open pores on your skin.

Suitable for: Aging skin and dryness prone skin

How often to do: Once in a month

Age-group: Above 30 years of age

4. Galvanic Facial

galvanic facial

A Galvanic facial uses a micro device to give you benefits like a non-surgical face lift. Yes, it gives you that youthful skin without the needles for surgical instruments. The device passes direct current to stimulate the skin cells that also increases the collagen synthesis. It is a painless facial procedure that is done at reputed salons and Skin Clinics basically. The facial procedure detoxifies your skin and enables the lymph drainage to stimulate your blood circulation.

Age group: over 30 years of age

Used For: Mature and Dull tired skin type 

How often to do: Once in a month

5. Pearl Facial

pearl facial

Pearl Facial gives complete detoxification of the skin and to ensure lymphatic drainage. It utilizes the power of Pearl Ash that increases the skin rejuvenation and to minimise the size. This facial is for all skin types and works brilliantly to increase the blood circulation and to improvise your skin complexion. So, after doing a pearl facial, you can have beautiful glowing skin.  When such facials are used for sagging and dull skin, it gives the skin a boost of moisture and tightening affect.

Best suitable for:  All skin types and best for tanned and sagging skin

Age group: Over 20 years of age

How often to do: Once or twice in a month depending on the skin type. Oily skin can do twice in a month while dry skin can apply once.

6. Diamond Facial

diamond facial

Utilising the Diamond ash, the facial is suitable for events like weddings, parties and festivals for getting the diamond like glowing skin. It enhances blood circulation and imports a brilliant glow on your skin. Invigorating effects of this facial makes it one of the hot favourite in the festival season. Women before different festivals in India like Diwali, Karva Chauth, Parties would go for Diamond facials.

They are generally expensive than the gold, silver, Pearl facial but worth the cost. If not, you can also get a diamond facial kit from a good brand and use it at your home. Other than the complete detoxification of your skin it also fights the free radicals. The facial tighten your skin and reduces the pore size commodore temporally.

Used for: It’s suitable for dry and combination skin. 

Age group: People over 20 years of age can use this facial

How often to do: Once in a month is sufficient

7. Photofacial


Photofacial is usually done to cure the dull complexion, uneven skin tone, pigmentation, large pores, sun spots, dark spots and the early signs of aging. It basically improvises your skin tone to make it even tone and smooth. Such facials are done using the light devices. Generally results of such photofacial would last from 4 to 6 months, though it depends from person to person and the sitting you’ve taken.

Every sitting of a photofacial takes around 20 to 30 minutes, it can also last an hour. This is something that is done at Skin Clinics therefore, the professionals would be able to analyse your skin condition and based on that he will tell the time required. After the photofacial make sure that you use sunscreen religiously as your skin becomes a lot more sensitive and requires the sun protection at least for the first couple of days.

The painless procedure is affordable and are the new age facial that brides would love to go for before and after their wedding. A lot of bridal packages these days also includes photofacial.

Used For: People over 25 years of age can go for photo facials

Beneficial for: Dullness, sun tanning, pigmentation

8. Wine Facial

wine facial

A Wine facial is rich in antioxidants present in the wine. Wine is an important ingredient, hence the name. It helps in eliminating the dead skin cells and unblocking your clogged pores. Basically it is a good facial to hydrate your skin while bringing a glow. It reverses the aging signs like sun spots, age spots, lines and wrinkles.

Wine facial is also available in the kit form that you can do at your home. However, wine facial fetches good results when done by the professionals at a salon from a reputed Skin Care Salon.

You can take wine facial once in a month and people over 25 years of age can go for this facial. It is suitable for all skin types, generally red wine is used in such facials that contain high concentration of polyphenol, that aids in the reduction of inflammation. This is why, it’s the best facial for Acne prone and Breakout prone skin.

9. Collagen Facial

collagen facial

Collagen is the key ingredient that is responsible for maintaining form and tight skin. It maintains the skin elasticity, therefore, protects the skin layers from sagging, lines and wrinkles. Collagen facial has become extremely popular in the recent times. Collagen facial skin care treatment with is designed to restore the depleted collagen in your skin. It’s suitable for people over 35 years of age, it gives you fresh and tightened skin. Such facial has collagen as key ingredient that helps in boosting collagen protein in the skin. People who live a very stressful life and in cities with the pollution levels are high for that collagen facials are extremely good. Such factors actually leads to premature aging.

How often: You can have collagen facial once in a month to ensure that  skin stays firm and well toned.

Age Group: Over 35 years

10. Chocolate Facial

chocolate facial

Chocolate facials are done to get healthy glow on your face. It is rich in antioxidants and contains the moisturising properties. Chocolate is helpful in getting rid of the sun tanning and Sunburn. It heals sun burning and slowly delays the appearance of lines and all the skin type. It is one of the best ways to naturally get glowing. You can either do chocolate facial yourself at home by using the chocolate facial kit or from a salon. Basically, you can also do a homemade chocolate facial for yourself. For Acne prone skin, stay away from chocolate facial as it can clog pores at times.

How often to do: You can do chocolate facial one in a week.

Age Group: People over 20 years of age can you try it.

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