Top 10 Best UrbanGabru Products in India (2020)

UrbanGabru is an extremely popular men’s skin care and hair care brand. Not only that but this brand also makes grooming essentials for men. The best thing about the brand is that it is extremely affordable and the products are very effective for men with different skin issues and problems. Many men have really liked their products especially for their oily-acne prone facial skin.

UrbanGabru formulates skin care products which are suitable for different skin types. So, if you have trouble finding the best product from this brand, we’ve compiled this list, where in you’ll find the best UrbanGabru skin care and hair care products available in Indian market.

List of the Best Urban Gabru Products in India (2020)

1. UrbanGabru CharCoal Peel Off Mask

UrbanGabru CharCoal Peel Off Mask

The charcoal peel off face mask is the best rated products from this brand. Just apply the charcoal peel off mask on your face and allow this to get entirely dry. When it gets completely dry, peel it off from your face. It will get rid of the blackheads and whiteheads and the deep seated impurities. In fact, Charcoal is one of the best ingredients that is being used in the beauty and skin care products because of its immensely effective and high adsorbent nature. The activated charcoal helps to lift away any sort of impurities and dead skin cells. As a result of your skin not just becomes glowing and illuminated, but also stays spot-free and blemish free. So this is one of the best charcoal peel off face mask for men.

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2. UrbanGabru Hair Serum for Men

UrbanGabru Hair Serum for Men

This hair serum is like a heat protectant and also to make the hair super shiny and glossy. The UrbanGabru hair serum has the best natural botanical and moisturizing substances that make the men’s hair extremely glossy and lustrous but with no heaviness. It can be applied on the semi dried and dry hair to get the boost of shine and smoothness. The hair serum is ideal for all hair types and does not make your hair sticky after using it.

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3. UrbanGabru Charcoal Face Wash with Apple Cider Vinegar

UrbanGabru Charcoal Face Wash with Apple Cider Vinegar

Like a charcoal peel off face mask, using an activated charcoal face wash is also equally important and effective for men’s oily and acne prone facial skin. This apple cider vinegar face wash contains the pure and raw apple cider vinegar, which controls the acne breakouts and blackheads formation. Apple cider vinegar, as we know is one of the most effective ingredients to lift away the dead skin cells and impurities. Because of that, this facial cleanser keeps the skin pores clean thoroughly off the debris and dead cells. The dead tissues and oils in the pores is one of the reasons of bacteria breeding in the pores and giving rise to the skin problems like blackheads, whiteheads, acne and zits. Therefore, this is yet another suitable face wash for men with oily and acne prone skin for daily use especially during the hot and humid season.

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4. UrbanGabru Natural Onion shampoo For Hair fall

UrbanGabru Natural Onion shampoo For Hair fall

An onion shampoo is a wonderful product because of the richness of extremely high sulphur content. You must be wondering why sulphur? Sulphur is known to increase the blood circulation in your scalp, as a result, your hair grows and hair fall is also reduced to some extent. To put a stop on your excessive hair fall, onion loaded products are extremely beneficial. This is a shampoo that has the goodness of onion along with other natural ingredients. The paraben and sulphate free shampoo is yet another best chemical free shampoo for hair growth available in India, which men and women both may use. It strengthens the hair and reduces hair fall with consistent use.

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5. UrbanGabru Insta Glow Fairness Cream SPF 50

UrbanGabru Insta Glow Fairness Cream SPF 50

UrbanGabru Insta Glow fairness cream is also an anti pimple product. A lot of time we have seen that men with oily and acne prone skin struggles to find the best product like a day cream for their skin. Therefore, if you’re wondering, which is the best fairness cream for oily skin, then try this product. The insta glow men’s fairness cream also contains SPF 50 that helps to create a shield on the skin from the ultraviolet rays. When your skin is safe from the ultraviolet rays, then naturally your skin complexion starts to improve. This is why this product is yet another best fairness cream for men. Even when your skin is normal and combination this product fares quite well. In fact, this UrbanGabru day cream also cures the acne and pimple and prevents them from happening. It’s the best UrbanGabru product.

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6. UrbanGabru Hair Wax

UrbanGabru Hair Wax

Now coming to this excellent product from UrbanGabru for your hair styling! It’s an  hair styling product, which is essential for many men and young boys who would like to style their hair on regular basis or even occasionally. Hair wax is a really handy product that keeps your hair in place and lets you create different hairstyles. So, if you are unable to make a particular hairstyle, because of your extremely smooth or very thin hair, then try this UrbanGabru hair wax. It gives you a decent hold and keeps the hair in place for long time. It can be apply daily and it also does not have the harsh chemicals which could damage your hair in the long run.

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7. UrbanGabru Vitamin C Serum

UrbanGabru Vitamin C Serum

UrbanGabru Vitamin C serum is the best Vitamin C serum for men’s skin. It also contains Hyaluronic acid, Grapeseed Extracts and Aloe vera. With the non-greasy and lightweight formula, this works for all the skin types. Using a Vitamin C serum at night is really beneficial to make the skin glowing and spotless. Vitamin C helps to increase the collagen synthesis as a result, aging of the skin can be delayed. So when you have wrinkles and fine lines and crow’s feet on your skin then that can be using a good Vitamin C rich serum. Hyaluronic acid is a well known moisture retainer that keeps the skin supple and smooth. Grapeseed and aloe vera adds anti aging properties to this serum.

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8. UrbanGabru Hair Growth Serum oil 

UrbanGabru Hair Growth Serum oil

It’s a hair growth serum oil which means, it’s a lightweight product that men can try on every day basis. The best part of this product is its non-oily texture and formula. Applied on your hair and it will not make the hair sticky or clumpy. The hair growth serum helps to keep the hair in good condition and thicker. By making the hair roots stronger, it insures that the hair fall reduces. This product also increases the hair strength and makes the new hair follicle grow faster. It’s a good UrbanGabru hair care product.

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9. UrbanGabru Frozt Hair Spray Extreme Hold

UrbanGabru Frozt Hair Spray Extreme Hold

Women who want extreme hold hair sprays can try this particular variant from UrbanGabru. This hair spray is the best spray for men to keep their hair and hairstyle in place. There are a lot of different hairstyles that ask for the stronghold. Therefore, this product can give you that desired hold and lasts long. This is why, to not let your hair style get messy after few hours, using a strong hold spray is required. This particular product is ideal for men who would like to style their hair a lot.

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10. Urbangabru Lip Balm/Scrub For Lightening & Brightening Dark Lip

Urbangabru Lip Balm Scrub For Lightening & Brightening Dark Lip

This lip balm scrub is for lightening the dark lips. At times because of excessive smoking, sun rays and peeling of the lips can cause the lips to get dark and pigmented. So, if your lips have become darker and pigmented, then using the right lip care product can certainly help you reveal your original pinkish lip shade. This is a lip balm scrub which means, it hydrates the lips and the scrubbing granules of this product exfoliate the dead skin cells and debris of the lips.

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These are the best UrbanGabru products available in India for men. These products are available at nominal prices and can be procured from online at good discounts. We have given you all the links to buy the products online which you can check. If you have used any UrbanGabru product that you have really liked or disliked, then do share with us in the comments.

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