8 Different Types of Hair Removal Waxes in India

Unwanted hair removal from your body can be done by different methods and waxing is one of the most affordable and long lasting method, a bit of pain is there but the hair free and smooth skin that it gives you for 7 to 8 weeks is worth it. The most important thing for waxing is the wax for hair removal. There are different types of body wax is available in the market and that varies from the requirement.

So this article we are going to throw some light on the different types of body wax is based on the requirements.

Types of Hair Removal Waxes in India

1. Soft Wax

Soft waxes are also known as wax strips. That is a wax that is already applied on the strips. These are ready to use waxing strips that you need to just peel off. They are the most effective and easy to use method of hair removal.

2. Hot wax

Hot wax is generally the waxing product that you need to warm up it to apply on the skin. The work with the same mechanism of applying the stripper land pulling out of. However the wax needs to be warmed up it. For that you can keep the container in a microwave for use of wax heater. Wax needs to be at an ideal temperature while using as when it cools it becomes less effective.

3. Cold Wax

Cold waxes are generally the readymade kind of waxes. Just take them directly right from the pot and apply on the skin. They are a little bit tricky as applying the thin layer needs some practice. Unlike the other waxes, cold wax can be a bit tricky to spread. And often, it leaves some hair behind. As the wax is not thin in consistency, it may form lumps.

4. Hard Wax

Hard wax is applied in a thick layer over the hair growth. And when it hardens, it forms a strip in itself that you can pull it off. Hard wax works really good for thick hair and mostly for the body areas where the course or thicker hair are there. Hard wax is also known as stripless wax as they do not require any strip like the other waxes available. When the wax itself forms a strip. It adheres  to the hair strands and pulls them off. These are the major types of wax for body hair removal. And with that there are some other waxes which are also very popular.

5. Fruit Wax

It’s a type of body wax that works just like a hard body wax. It works best for people with sensitive skin. As it is infused with fruit extracts and sugar, it is best to remove the tan and body hair. It’s much pricier that the regular wax is available. Fruit wax is best for back arms, legs and stomach.

6. Chocolate wax

Chocolate wax contains chocolate extracts along with other essential oils and ingredients like glycerine, soybean, almond oil and more. It is costlier than the regular wax and are better for sensitive and dry skin. Chocolate is very moisturizing and this is why this the body hair removal wax is hydrating.

7. Sugar Wax

Sugar waxes are water soluble unlike the lipid soluble waxes. They are the most traditional form of hair removal wax available and have been used since ages. They are generally made of sugar, lemon and glycerine. Many brands makes such waxes and Ayur, The Body care are amongst them. These waxes are suitable for longer hair and may not work the best if you have very short hair.

8. Brazilian wax

The Brazilian wax are special kind of wax that is used for the bikini line, face and other sensitive areas. They are effective when it comes to hair removal of short hair over sensitive skin like face and intimate areas. So when you are using Brazilian wax, it gives you smooth and hair free skin. They are costlier than the other wax varieties available.

Now that you know about the popular waxes types available for hair removal you must also know that you can buy any of these wax depending on your requirement and to wax at home itself. Waxing is not a difficult process you just need some practice.

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