What Not to Do After C-Section (Cesarean Delivery)

What Not to Do After C-Section (Cesarean Delivery)

When you just had your c-section and your baby in your arms, you may feel overwhelmed with lots of thoughts and mixed responses and emotions. This is completely natural and majority of women all over the world faces search emotions. So, now c-section has become very common during these days. However, it is not a minor operation rather a major surgery that involves cut off around 5 to 6 inches and therefore, you must take care of certain things after having a C-section. 

Here, are some things, that you should not do or rather should do after you have undergone a c-section delivery. While I had my C section around 18 months ago. Yes, my baby is 18 months old right now. Then, I was extremely stressed and panicked but, thanks to the support for my husband and the parents that I was able to recover within a month. And it felt as if I never had a surgery except for that scar and numbness in that area. It means a lot especially considering how major the surgery is.

Life After C-Section and Delivery

Other than that, what takes a toll on your physical and mental health, is the post-partum stress, tiredness after surgery, and the care and attention for your newborn baby. And this entire situation becomes difficult for the first time mums especially in a nuclear family setup. There they have to do everything by themselves and they have to learn by every passing day and hour, initially I would say. But thanks to the internet that everything is there that you need regarding taking care of your baby still I would say that the experience our elders is also important.

Do’s and Don’ts After Cesarean Delivery (C-Section)

So let’s check the thing that you should not do after having a C-section.

Gas Producing Foods Items:

First thing first, always avoid food items that produce gas. Gas formation can make you feel pain and discomfort which also put stress on the stitches.

Constipation Causing Foods:

Never have food that makes you constipated. Yes, there are food items that can make you feel constipated. They strain your digestive system and bowel movements. And it will be painful to excrete while you still have your stitches fresh.

Pressure on Stitches:

Never cough or laugh as it can hurt your stitches. This is something that you need to avoid at all cost. If you would like to laugh or cough then put a hand directly over the stitches and do the deed.

Touching the Stitches:

Do not touch the incision or stitches. Your hands may not be clean as it touches things frequently.  Therefore, never touch the area even though it has been completely healed.


Always make sure that you wash your hands frequently as you’re the one that will be taking care of your baby. This is why proper hygiene is very important.

Numbness Post C-section:

You may feel numbness as though there is nothing over that area where the incision is present. This is completely normal and majority of women across the globe experiences this. It’s because while the cut in the skin is made, the nerves are wounded which is why you do not feel any type of sensation like pain or anything over there. This feeling can go after as soon as six months to as long as even 3 to 4 years. In my case I started to feel some sensation after 8 to 9 months.

Post Partum Depression:

C-section is a major surgery and it may not be as painful as it used to be in the past, thanks to the progress of Medical Science. But you should not get depressed that you’re not able to give birth normally or naturally. All you have to think about you and your baby’s health.

Say No to Household Work:

Do not try to begin the household work after your c-section as that can involve a lot of leaning stretching, squatting etc. Leave the house work at least for 2 months. You should only do lazy strolling or in house or a park. This relaxed walk can also be a part of your exercise routine after C section but never try to do stretches that can put strain on your incision. You should get as much rest as you can get during this time.

Climbing the Stairs:

Climbing the stairs should be completely avoided soon after you have undergone a cesarean delivery. It can not only put pressure over the wound but can also give you unnecessary pain.

Feeling Pain:

If in case you experience any sort of pain, you should take the prescribed painkiller that your doctor or gynecologist had advised you.

Include Fibres:

Taking high amount of fibrous food would do a lot of benefits for you and your digestive system. Eat fruits and vegetables. Here oranges and watermelon top the list. These fruits keep you hydrated and also give you good source of dietary fibres. It will help you excrete easily and also prevents the formation of gases.

Don’t be stressed:

Different people would say different things and give you multiple advises. But you’re the best judge for yourself and your baby. And until and unless you feel that someone’s advice is not really genuine, (yes, we all have such acquaintances who’d say hurtful or insensitive things) never take it too seriously or get too emotionally disturbed. Even, if someone has given normal birth and you were not able to do, there is nothing to be depressed about.

Some Suggestions based on personal experience

I can understand there are lot of females, who’d like to boast about how easily they have given birth normally but that’s something that depends from person to person and don’t forget that Cesarean Section is getting a lot common these days.

Don’t forget that your priority is your baby and your health. 

You’re still recovering from your surgery and baby also needs you, in that coarse you may not be able to do all of the baby related tasks. Happened with me and I can understand! (Fortunately, my husband is someone, who took care of both of us like his two babies and he is continuing doing that)

But I know, yet some of you would feel or get sad that you’re not able to take care of your baby properly because of your health. My advice is that please, never take that seriously and make them understand that you had a surgery which is why you cannot do certain things, which a person who had normal delivery can do.

Enjoy this phase of motherhood. Learn to take care of the baby properly (I’m sure you already do that) and seek help whenever needed.

Please note, I’m not an expert but someone who like to read a lot and do deep research on a topic. After having the initial problems, I am getting more confident in taking care of baby and myself yet still learning. I would be happy, if I could help any of you, like a friend and fellow new mom!

Please feel free to ask any queries that you’ve. 🙂

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