Himalaya Soothing Baby Calamine Lotion Review

Himalaya Calamine baby lotion has become an essential part of my baby’s skin care kit and in this article I am going to review this product. Calamine is also known as calamine lotion that is medically used to treat the itching and irritation. It’s a combination of zinc oxide and ferric oxide in 0.5%. It also used to cure the sunburn, insect bites, poison oak and other mild skin conditions. Calamine lotion is also safe to apply during pregnancy even. And this lotion has been used since ages. Yes even in the ancient time it was used for curing the minor skin issues.

Last year, during the summer season, when I saw some red rashes on my baby’s skin, I asked my pediatrician about it while taking my son, Jiyaan for the vaccination. His Paediatrician is very experienced lady, who said that these rashes are summer heat rashes and they can come even when you keep the baby in AC most of the times.

Other than that, she said that at times when there is a small bump in the middle of the red somewhat circular rash, it can also be mosquito bite. I always make sure to keep the mosquito repellent devices on so that there are no mosquitoes hidden under the bed or in the corners of the house, yet you cannot completely avoid that.

Therefore, when she suggested, the calamine lotion to me, however, I was not sure which one to buy. Since is my first baby and just like a lot of other new mums, I was also concerned which calamine lotion, I should purchase for his gentle skin. So, while researching online, I saw this Himalaya Soothing Calamine Baby Lotion. It contains Calamine, nutgrass, mustard and aloe vera. As, I trust this brand, I bought it.

I have been using this product since last summer. And now that he is around 18 months old whenever I notice any skin irritation or rashes, I would use this calamine lotion for my baby.

Now, let me give share the detailed review dearies and thoughts about this Himalaya calamine lotion for babies.

Himalaya Soothing Baby Calamine Lotion Review

Key Ingredients:

Calamine helps heal wounds and soothes skin rashes.

Nutgrass possesses antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties.

Aloe Vera acts as an antibacterial agent and an astringent, which accelerate the healing of baby’s skin.

Mustard is widely used in the management of skin disorders.

Price of Himalaya Soothing Calamine Baby Lotion:

90 Rs. for 50 ml

165 Rs. for 100 ml

280 Rs. for 200ml

Himalaya Soothing Calamine Baby Lotion Review

The lotion has a pleasant mud and floral fragrance. Its colour is dull baby pink that looks a lot like the Piramal’s Lacto Calamine lotion that I guess you all have used at some point of time.  The product is formulated to effectively cure the heat rashes, insect bites, prickly heat and even the other skin itching issues. It is a gentle and safe formula that has been dermatologically tested for baby’s gentle skin.

When I apply it on my baby’s skin, it feels sick and doesn’t get absorbed easily on the skin however, with massaging for few minutes; it somehow gets inside the skin layers creating a thin layer on the top of the skin. If you have mosquito bites on your baby’s skin then apply it couple of times. It’ll also reduce the itching and allergic reaction that some baby’s can have even when the season changes.

Other than that during summer season babies would experience itching and prickly heat. This is the most common thing. Even though, my baby didn’t have any prickly heat during the summer season except for the rash that I told you about, I know that this product can cure that.

I have seen some babies getting this prickly heat and rashes on the neck, between elbow joints and their chest. After having a brief conversation with their moms, I got to know that calamine worked there too.

This Himalaya Calamine baby lotion can be quite helpful, it can be applied twice in a day so that it can heal the prickly heat and rashes faster.

Himalaya is a trusted brand that makes baby care products which is why I was quite relaxed about using this product. You would agree with me, that when it comes to our babies, we as moms would choose the best. In anyways, I was using the baby shampoo, soap, baby lotion and even the baby wipes from this brand. By the way, which are the Himalaya products that you use for your babies, I would really love to know about that, it will also help me with the future posts.

Himalaya Calamine Baby Lotion has a herbal and allergic tested formula which is again the highlight of this product. Rich in the aloe vera, it’s also moisturising. It is paraben free and is safe to be applied for babies over 6 months. It’s what my pediatrician advised me .

Using this for Different Issues

For prickly heat: After bathing your baby, pat dry the dry thoroughly. Then, apply the lotion all over the body. In case of heat rashes, heat boils and even the mosquito bite, you can use lotion only on the area irritation and rashes are there. Apply again at night.

Yourself: Other than the babies, toddlers and kids, you can also use this for yourself like as a lotion for burns, insect bites and even for Sunburn.

Mums who’re looking for a good solution for your baby’s irritated and itchy skin must go for this Himalaya Calamine baby lotion. It’s available in the pharmacy stores or it’s also available online.

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  1. Hello mam,I am 19 and can I use this product as a face moisturizer to relieve dry skin and other skin imperfections?Will it serve as a good moisturizer for dry skin?

    • Hi Anusha,

      You can try the Lacto calamine face moisturizer and this is mostly for the body skin.