10 Best Paraben Free and Organic Face wash in India

Best Paraben Free and Organic Face wash in India

After knowing how harmful parabens, chemicals can be for your skin, a lot of people are looking towards the organic facial cleansers. Parabens are added to enhance the shelf life of a product so, that it can last longer. Whereas, sulphates or SLS are added to make the product give foaming lathers, though of more women and lathering these ingredients can be harmful when used daily for years. The simple reason has made the emergence of paraben and Sulfate free face washes. Even brands are coming up with Organic products as more and more people are interested in buying these.  We have put together this list of the best herbal cleanser without parabens and chemicals in them.

Best Paraben and Sulfate-free face wash in India

1. Mamaearth Ubtan Natural Face Wash

Mamaearth Ubtan Natural Face Wash

The natural face wash is an ubtan facial cleanser that comes with turmeric and liquorice extracts. It lightens your skin and repairs the sun damage. The SLS and paraben free product is hypoallergenic, so, it means, if you have sensitive skin, then also you can use it. Turmeric which is rich in antioxidants helps to repair the damage due to free radicals and also lightens skin complexion. It is a safe product even when you have extremely sensitive skin type.

Price: 249 rupees for 100 ml

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2. Aroma Magic Grapefruit Face Wash

Aroma Magic Grapefruit Face Wash

Loaded with Vitamin C, this grapefruit face wash is perfect to reduce the pore size. It is suitable for oily and acne prone skin and is not for dry skin. It is 100% free of parabens, alcohol, artificial fragrances and colors .The soap-free product lathers to cleanse your skin perfectly. It is one of the best paraben-free and affordable product for normal to oily skin.

Price: 170 rupees for 100 ml

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3. Khadi Mauri Herbal Fenugreek (Methi) Face Wash 

Khadi Mauri Herbal Fenugreek (Methi) Face Wash

The face wash is rich in fenugreek, known to lighten the skin complexion and minimize the hyper-pigmentation. It also lightens your marks and blemishes due to pimples. Those looking to get flawless clear skin, can try it. Its affordable price, is one of the key highlights of this product. It will suit all skin types.

Price: 175 rupees for 210 ml

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4. ST. D’VENCÉ Moroccan Argan Oil and Raw Honey Face Wash

ST. D'VENCÉ Moroccan Argan Oil and Raw Honey Face Wash

The face cleanser is rich in Argan oil and honey. It is extremely hydrating facial cleanser, there is ideal for everyday use when your skin is sensitive and dry. During winter season, honey and Argan oil is considered as the best to hydrate the facial skin. It doesn’t contain artificial fragrances for parabens that can give you long term harm.

Price: 299 rupees for 150 ml

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5. MCaffeine Naked & Raw Coffee Face Wash

MCaffeine Naked & Raw Coffee Face Wash

When your skin is oily with open pores, you should try this cleanser. It is rich in Raw coffee extract that cleanses your skin deeply and also exfoliates to get rid of the dead skin and bacteria oil that can increase the chances of acne formation. It makes your skin by removing the layers of impurities and giving you younger looking skin. It also contains aloe vera that shoots the inflamed skin. The product is best during summer season when your skin is likely to get your.

Price: 349 Rupee for 100 ml

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6. Greenberry Organics Rose and Jojoba Oil Foaming Face Wash

Greenberry Organics Rose and Jojoba Oil Foaming Face Wash

We simply love this brand for its organic and natural products. This is the rose and jojoba oil foaming face wash that contains the goodness of both the ingredients. It is suitable for extremely dry and sensitive skin that is prone to occasional breakouts. Rose oil hydrates the skin and gives it antiseptic benefits by healing the acne and fighting the spots. It may not work well on oily skin that effectively.

Price: 396 rupees for 100 ml

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7. Plum Skin Revival Face Wash, Chamomile and White Tea

Plum Skin Revival Face Wash, Chamomile and White Tea

This is yet another brand, that we really like including other products, it is paraben, sulphate and cruelty-free brand. This particular face wash contains chamomile and white tea. It’s basically skin revival face wash that gives you forming lathers, to cleanse the skin and suite the sun burnt facial skin. So, basically, this is a product that cures inflammation, Sunburn, itching and other skin related minor issues. For sensitive skin as well, this is the best face wash.

Price: 350 rupees 475 ml

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8. ST. D’VENCÉ Essential Tea Tree Oil and Neem Face Wash

ST. D'VENCÉ Essential Tea Tree Oil and Neem Face Wash,


The paraben-free tea tree oil and neem face wash. The pure Australian tea tree oil helps to cure acne, blemishes and the bacteria that are responsible for it. It does not contain sulphates, artificial fragrances or even sulphates. Green tea extract helps to suit your inflamed and red skin.

Price: 499 rupees for 300 ml

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9. Organic Harvest 3-In-1 Face Wash

Organic Harvest 3-In-1 Face Wash

This next option is a 3 in 1 organic face wash that is free of parabens, SLS  and all other chemicals. The good thing about this facial cleanser is that it will give you multiple benefits like a paraben free formula with cleanser Scrub and provides skin whitening benefits. The mild exfoliating particles in this product are not abrasive but works effectively on every day basis. It is made with 100% organic plant based and certified ingredients. It is a vegan product and is not tested on animals.

Price: 395 rupees for 100 ml

10. Beardhood Caffeine Face Wash with Coffee Bean & Coconut Cake Powder

It’s a men’s facial cleanser that recharges your skin with its goodness of Coffee Bean, chamomile, tea tree oil and coconut cake powder. The gentle cleansing product helps to maintain pH balance of your skin. Its sulphate and paraben free formula is safe for men with sensitive oily skin. Even though men with dry skin can also try it, but it is more suitable product for greasy acne prone skin. Coffee in this product helps as a natural antioxidant that kicks out the free radicals to keep your skin younger looking.

Price: 350 rupees for 100 ml

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We hope that these products, will help you choose the best cleanser for your skin type. When your skin is oily and acne prone then, you must try products, containing antibacterial ingredients as the mentioned like tea tree, Neem, Basil etc. For dry skin, make sure that you always apply hydrating moisturizer after washing the skin and this should be a must have routine during winter season, when the dry skin gets even dry.


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